Desktop publishing (DTP)

Typesetting of the texts, translated by finephrase, could be performed with special desktop publishing software. We work with the latest versions of all well-known applications:

Our DTP specialists are qualified professionals with solid work experience. Besides, it is possible to prepare typesetting for your material at the earliest possible date by simultaneous engaging several specialists for the project.

DTP can be performed either on PC or on Macintosh. finephrase has more than 3000 different fonts available. Even if the required font is not available, we will be able to choose a similar-looking font, not much different from the original one. Materials go after the typesetting through a prepress process according to the requirements of the respective print shops.

As a rule, when receiving an order for translation and DTP, we deal with previously created advertising products, such as brochures, booklets, catalogues, flyers, etc., to be distributed by our clients among the audience or in the country of the target language. Thus, a customer receives a one stop shop service: typesetting and translation, saving time and money. Moreover, our designer can make an exclusive layout design for your printed materials, for example a book, journal, booklet, etc.

We also provide typesetting for a text (already translated) into any of the European languages with subsequent proofreading by a native speaker.

Send us the file to be translated and/or typeset and we'll prepare a commercial offer for you at the earliest possible date. Please use our request form or send all the necessary information to E-mail!